My Simple Family

My Simple Family

Shape Up Your Family


Imagine the house is tidy, kids are done with homework, and pets are fed without bothering your epiglottis. Huh, joking? Nay! With our gamified task organizer, you will keep your family humming. Managing your house chores is just a tap away with this app!

Reward System

Motivated kids are happy & more productive. My Simply Family helps you instill a sense of responsibility from an early age and maximize your kids' chance of future success. Reward system will not only boost their self-esteem but also keep them motivated while achieving goals.

Ease of Use

Using My Simple Family is as easy as switching a TV channel. The user-friendly interface is exclusively designed to make it a kids' friendly app. Expect your 3-grader to teach you how this app runs (you see, it's this SIMPLE!)

My Simple Family Uses

My Simple App helps you and your family stay organized with fewer efforts. Our easy-to-use app is designed to give you a one-tap coordinating companion for all your home chores. All you have to do is create a task, assign a job, sit back and relax while the job goes underway without you freaking out over your family. When the job is done, you will get a pop-up with a picture of the work done. Whoa!

Why Do You Need My Simple Family?

Save Time

Keep all your lists in one place. Create custom task lists that are automatically updated upon completion, so you know when and what needs to be done.

No more Dustups

Create a healthy home environment by avoiding useless arguments and get everything systemized. Kids will be happy with rewards and will want to do more and more.

No Excuses

Set a reminder before each task so the one assigned recieves a reminder as a notification before it should be completed. No more "Oh i forgott that"

Engage Everyone

Not only your kids but engage your partner too in the household chores and get the tasks done faster than ever.

Get Photo proofs

While assigning tasks, My Simple Family App enables you to require kids or partners to attach pictures of work done.


It's a perfect blend of seamless user experience and bleeding-edge features that simplifies your family life like never before.